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Date Aug 6, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

Well Examiner and Inspection Programs - Committee Discussion Only

03:52:07 PM  

Mr. Rein discussed a recent issue concerning well examiners and well inspections in Weld County. A well owner in the Larimie Fox Hills Aquifer presented this issue to members of the committee. New rules promulgated by the Board of Well Examiners (board) made replacing some wells cost prohibitive. Mr. Rein stated that there are two solutions, one of which includes exploring the idea of pumping from a shallower aquifer. There has been significant discission regarding the rule-making process of the board.  Mr. Rein responded to clarifying questions surrounding the issue, and committee discussion ensued.

04:02:22 PM  

Mr. Rein discussed the Well Inspection Program, which was created in 2003. The program was created to oversee the inspection of well construction and pump installation.  The Board of Well Examiners has the general authority over the construction and abandonment of wells and the installation of pumping equipment.  The board also has authority over licensing requirements for contractors and applicants.  The program is funded through the Well Inspection Cash Fund (cash fund), through well application fees.  In 2003 the well permit application fee increased.  Due to the a decrease of the application fee in 2006 and a decrease in the amount of applicants, the cash fund balance decreased.  In 2017, using two well inspectors and a chief inspector, only 12-15 percent of the wells were inspected in the state.  Mr. Rein suggested possible legislation that would fund the program with an increased fee or through a General Fund backfill.  Mr. Rein responded to questions about the funding of the program, and committee discussion ensued.

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