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Date Aug 4, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from Colorado Cross Disability Coalition - Committee Discussion Only

02:05:45 PM  
Julie Reiskin, Executive
Director representing the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition (CCDC), provided
information about her organization.  CCDC provided a PowerPoint presentation
(Attachment K).  She stated that transportation is a huge issue for
the community that CCDC represents.  Jaime Lewis, Chair of the Advisory
Committee for Transit representing CCDC, talked about experiences with
RTD.  He stated that RTD offers Access-A-Ride which provides food
delivery, transportation to medical appointments, and the opportunity to
get out.  Mr. Lewis talked about transportation and independence and
CCDC's work with RTD to bring back services and make changes to services.

02:13:13 PM  
Mr. Lewis stated
that in rural areas some folks are making their own travel arrangements
to medical appointments and applying for reimbursement.  He indicated
that wait times for reimbursement are long and amounts received are often
less than expenses.  Mr. Lewis added that transportation through the
Department of Human Services can be complex to use and that is why CCDC
supports public transit that serves everyone.  

02:17:52 PM  
Mr. Lewis suggested
that transportation network companies are a great option for some members,
such as blind individuals, however there is no support for individuals
using wheel chairs.  He talked about government involvement as a way
requirie transportation for individuals using wheel chairs.  He also
indicated that buses provide a good option.

02:19:30 PM  
Mr. Lewis discussed
the top three emerging issues identified by CCDC, including: partnerships
between counties and municipalities; increased population in cities; and
ride share programs.  He suggested that ride share programs may need
to look at accomodations for the disabled community.  Mr. Lewis also
talked about a possible tax to provide disabled access to cars as well
as relief for RTD.
02:22:11 PM  
Ms. Reiskin touched
on possible local government programs to ensure clear sidewalks for sight
impaired individuals.
02:23:13 PM  
Mr. Lewis and Ms.
Reiskin touched on additional participation in the RTD accessibility committees.
 Medical transportation gaps in service were discussed, including
the unavailability of same day rides where ambulance services are often
used instead.  Ms. Reiskin touched on the challenge of returning home
from the hospital, as well as transportation for mental health treatment.

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