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Date Aug 1, 2019      
Location LSB B

Budget - Connect for Health Colorado - Committee Discussion Only

11:02:12 AM  

Brian Braun, Connect for Health Colorado, presented on the Connect for Health Colorado (exchange) FY 2020 budget.  He provided a handout ( ).  He discussed the projected revenue and expenditures and pointed out that the revenue stream for the exchange remained flat over the past year.  He discussed the Health Foundation grant the exchange receives to provide assistance to individuals purchasing plans through the exchange. He discussed the expense categories for the exchange.

11:08:44 AM  

Mr. Braun told the committee that expenses are anticipated to increase in FY 2020, but will drop the following year.  He discussed the projected cash flow of the exchange and the exchange's goal of bringing technology expertise in-house rather than depending on vendors for technology support.  He discussed plans for a capital investment in the call center ticketing system and voice response system.

11:15:46 AM  

Mr. Braun responded to questions about the FY 2020 operating expenses and capital expenditures of the exchange.  He explained that capital expenses in FY 2020 are a one time $15 million expense to modernize the exchanges technology systems.   Committee discussion followed about the capital expenditures.

11:19:28 AM  

Sharon O'Hara, Connect for Health Colorado Board of Directors, responded to questions about the number of certified brokers, certified application counselors, and health coverage guides that assist consumers with selecting and enrolling in a health plan on the exchange.  She explained that these assistants are not employed by the exchange.  Mr. Patterson explained the different roles of the assistance providers and told the committee that call center agents are paid by the exchange.

11:26:01 AM  

Mr. Patterson made closing comments. He discussed the partnership between the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the exchange.

11:27:52 AM  

Representative Lontine indicated that no one had signed up to provide public testimony.

11:28:06 AM  

Committee members made closing remarks.

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