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Date Aug 4, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from Regional Transportation District - Committee Discussion Only

01:22:03 PM  
Debra Johnson, representing
the Regional Transportation District (RTD), provided information about
RTD.  Ms. Johnson provided a PowerPoint presentation (Attachment I).
 She indicated that RTD is collaborating with the state by implementing
audit recommendations from a 2020 State Audit and looking at recommendations
from the Accountability Committee.  She stated that the committee
made its final report July 20 and board action is expected later this month.
 Ms. Johnson stated that RTD continues to work through the pandemic
and adjust to the effects.
01:26:18 PM  
Ms. Johnson said
that the RTD Board will reivew the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan next week.
 She stated that the plan looks at the organization's history and
current state and ties activities and performance measurements to outcomes.
 Ms. Johnson indicated that RTD wants to deliver value and excellence
to customers and community.  

With regards to recovery, Ms. Johnson indicated that RTD is currently at
 65 percent service and would like to increase to 70 percent of pre-pandemic
levels.  She stated that service for major activity areas may be a
sensible way to expand, such as areas of employment, the Tech Center, downtown
Denver, and Boulder.  She went on to state that RTD is looking at
its hiring practices to have the staff to provide critical services.

01:32:02 PM  
Ms. Johnson shared
that the organization is re-starting the Reimagine RTD program.  She
stated that the program looks at the organization every five to seven years
to optimize the system and plan for the future, balancing monthly needs
and fiscal limits.  through 2050.  Guiding principles were adopted
in April of this year, and are the foundation of service delivery decisions.
The six critical lensesof the program are: mobility, equity, financial,
partnerships, workforce, and sustainability.

01:35:59 PM  
Ms. Johnson talked
about a fare study equity analysis which began in March of 2021.  She
stated that the study found that users find the fare system cumbersome,
expensive, and confusing.  She talked about how the study is the first
of its kind  that includes multicultural outreach.  Ms. Johnson
talked about the implementation of new fares  in 2022 after a benchmark
study and creation of a comprehensive fare structure that accomdoates many
01:39:25 PM  
There was a discussion
about safety for RTD employees. Ms. Johnson stated that polycarbonate barriers
will remain for drivers due to some issues with violence.  

There was a discussion about service reductions.  Ms. Johnson said
that a service reduction analysis plan was completed to ensure that low
income or minority communities were not suffering the brunt of the impact
to service.   She indicated that additional routes and schedules will
be added, depending on ridership flows, with a goal to be at 85 percent
of pre-pandemic levels in 2022.
01:47:06 PM  
Ms. Johnson talked
about the Coronavirus Aid Relief that RTD received, includingCoronavirus
Aid Relief and Economic Security Act funds of $232,000 for payroll and
operations through 2020.   She stated that In 2021, RTD received $203,400
from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act
to restore services that were cut; restore budgeted overtime and extra
shift pay for front line operators and maintenance staff; eliminate furlough
days; eliminate paycuts for non-represented employees; and allow non-represented
employees to cash in 80 hours of paid time off that they were not able
to take during the pandemic.  

Ms. Johnson indicated that RTD will also leverage a money swap of sales
and use tax in the amount of $14 million to address state audit recommendations
and the recommendations of the Accountability Committee, and ensure adequate
employees to provide service.  She said that RTD also plans to submit
an application for American Rescue Plan Act funds to address salaries and

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