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Date Oct 28, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from the Public Highway Authorities - Committee Discussion Only

12:29:45 PM  

Tim Stewart, representing E470, provided an update to the committee (Attachment C). He began by providing a detailed a history of the authority.  He stated that the authority has $1.4 billion in A rating bond debt that will mature in 2041.  He noted that of every dollar spent on E470 toll revenue, $0.13 goes to reserves to pay down debt; $0.26 goes to capital renewal; $0.21 pays for operations and maintenance; and $40 is used to pay debt. He noted that the board continues to lower fees and that ExpressToll customer's rates were frozen in 2018 and may continue frozen through 2020.  He continued by noting that a master plan through 2041 was completed and strategic plan was adopted in 2019. He noted that toll rates are currently being evaluated as a part of that plan and that authority would like to fund current needs without raising rates.

12:39:34 PM  

Mr. Stewart responded to questions about traffic increases and stated that traffic forecasting does include information about use of transit and individuals choosing to get rid of cars.

12:41:17 PM  

Mr. Stewart continued by noting that the authority serves as the tolling service provider for Colorado, including Plenary, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and Northwest Parkway tolls. The authority handles tolling through ExpressToll and pictures of plates as drivers use the roads.

12:42:11 PM  

Mr. Stewart responded to questions about illegible license plates. About 15 percent of vehicle license plates are unidentifiable.

12:43:21 PM  

Mr. Stewart responded to questions about carpooling and shuttle type buses. He stated that RTD does drive buses on E470 and that shared ridership is encouraged through a partnership with CDOT.

12:44:23 PM  

He continued by stating that the authority's accomplishments include toll lanes in progress on C-470 and I-25; 960,000 calls answered in 2018; and 87.4 million transactions in 2018. He stated that transponders are encouraged, as 50 percent is saved on tolls. He noted that the authority would like to provide input on issues related to red light cameras, the Colorado Clean Pass, hazardous material routes, autonomous vehicles, data privacy, and transportation funding incorporationg tolls in the future.

12:46:49 PM  

Commitee discussion ensued regarding the potential purchase of E470; revenue in terms of use in partnerships and improving overall transportation, emission reductions, and toll rates.

12:54:40 PM  

Councilman David Beacom, representing the Northwest Parkway Authority, provided an update on the authorities activities to the committee (Attachment D). He disscussed the history of the roadway and noted that trips on the highway have expanded with very few fatal accidents.  The committee discussed toll rates, included in the concessionaire agreement.

01:01:51 PM  

Bill Ray, representing the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority, provided an update on the authoriy's activities (Attachment E). He discussed the soil sampling that was undertaken earlier this year with one sample reported to the Department of Public Health, due to elevated levels of plutonium.  He stated that additional samples were submitted to the department and that the authority is also discussing monitoring construction and construction techniques.

01:08:49 PM  

Mr. Ray responded to questions about soil samples. Samples were taken along the right of way near the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. There was also a discussion about wildlife collisions.