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Date Dec 16, 2019      
Location HCR 0112

Committee discussion of bill draft - Committee Discussion Only

12:10:08 PM  

Brita Darling, Office of Legislative Legal Services, provided an overview of the draft bill (Attachment A). She walked through changes to definitions and components of the school finance formula. She provided a handout to the committee that outlined the elements of the draft bill. (Attachment B.)

12:17:03 PM  

The committee asked questions of Ms. Darling related to the draft of the bill. Specifically, they asked about budget stabilization factor, and accounting for what fits under Amendment 23. Ms. Darling responded to questions.

12:33:28 PM  

The committee continued to ask questions of Ms. Darling. Specifically, they asked about the student support funding, multi-district online students, and the size factor components of the bill.

12:35:04 PM  

The committee continued to ask questions of Ms. Darling regarding provisions in the bill related to procedures when a district reorganizes or consolidates.

12:36:31 PM  

Ms. Darling responded to additional questions from the committee regarding minimum per pupil funding.

12:39:31 PM  

Marc Carey, Legislative Council Staff, responded to questions from the committee related to the 459 smoothing in the size factor.

12:40:34 PM  

Senator Lundeen introduced his approach to filling in the blanks in the bill draft, using the online simulation tool created by EdBuild. He discussed his preferred weights for formula factors.

12:52:11 PM  

Senator Lundeen continued walking the committee through his approach to filling in the bill draft. He discussed cost of living and size factors.

12:52:37 PM  

Ms. Rebecca Sibilia, EdBuild, responded to questions from the committee on the simulation tool related to how hold harmless funding, the budget stabilization factor, and current funding levels are represented in the tool.

12:59:30 PM  

Ms. Sibilia responded to questions concerning the budget stabilization factor. Mr. Carey returned to the table to respond to a committee question with Mr. Richmond and Senator Lundeen adding thier thoughts.

01:04:57 PM  

Senator Lundeen continued to discuss his approach to formula changes. Ms. Sibilia answered clarifying questions concerning the tool and projections that the tool makes. Senator Lundeen and other committee members commented on the proposed formula.

01:08:46 PM  

The committee asked Ms. Sibilia about students who qualify for free and reduced price lunch.  Members of the committee commented on the proposed changes to the formula.

01:11:20 PM  

Representative McCluskie walked the committee through her approach to filling in the blanks in the bill draft, using the EdBuild simulation tool.  She discussed a second version of the tool with some modifications to match her proposed  formula inputs. She discussed her proposed weights for formula factors, as well as her approach to cost of living and averaging components.

01:16:04 PM  

Ms. Sibilia and Mr. Richmond responded to clarifying questions about the cost of proposed formula changes from the committee. 

01:24:33 PM  

The committee discussed declining enrollment in districts and the impact of averaging enrollment. Representative McCluskie responded.

01:32:47 PM  
Mr. Richmond responded to questions regarding the size factor, including complications and the need for a standardized model.
01:36:17 PM  

Representative McCluskie discussed some potential outcomes for school districts under this formula. The committee made additional comments.

01:41:01 PM  

Ms. Sibilia responded to questions from the committee about a three-tiered special education funding model. Representative McCluskie added to the response.

01:44:10 PM  

Mr. Richmond responded to question from the committee about averaging over a five-year look back period.

01:49:12 PM  

The committee recessed.