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Date Jul 11, 2019      
Location Old State Library

School Security - Committee Discussion Only

02:25:31 PM  

Chief Michael Eaton, representing Denver Public Schools, Deputy James Englert, representing the National Association of School Resource Officers, Dr. Katherine Kuhlman, representing Nicoletti-Flater Associates, and Chris Wilderman, Director of Safe and Sustainable Environments for Adams 12 School District came to the table as a panel to speak about school safety from a law enforcement and school official perspective. Chief Eaton began with a discussion of the current state of public policy on physical security, inclusive environments and communities, and evidence-based practices, especially for threat assessments.

02:35:33 PM  

Mr. Wilderman highlighted some things the state is doing right with regard to school security and safety. He directed the committee to a report on school safety produced by the Colorado Attorney General's Office ( He spoke about funding for school resource officers. Chief Eaton talked about some points to consider when developing law enforcement policy. Deputy Englert spoke about SRO training and supports. He indicated that there is inconsistent training among SROs in Colorado and suggested that all SROs should attend the basic training provided by the National Association of School Resource Officers.

02:45:01 PM  
Dr. Kuhlman talked about psychological impacts and supports. She stressed the importance of effective threat assessment teams that focus on the behaviors of the subject. Chief Eaton listed a number of next steps for the committee to consider in terms of public policy changes and partnerships. The panel responded to questions from the committee about training of school personnel in emergency response protocols. More discussion occurred about intergovernmental agreements and memorandums of understanding.

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