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Date Aug 23, 2018      
Location SCR 352

County Perspective on the Colorado Benefits Managment System (CBMS) Transformation Project - Committee Discussion Only

09:51:40 AM  

Commissioner Nancy Sharpe, representing the Colorado Benefits Managment System (CBMS) Executive Steering Committee, came to the table to discuss the CMBS Transformation project. She discussed several recommendations from the counties perspective.

09:54:09 AM  
Ms. Laura Walker, representing the county representatives on the CBMS Steering Committee, came to the table to discuss project delays and communication with the counties. She noted that several other systems that are used by the counties, CHATS and Trails, are also being updated and that presents possible opportunities for disruption. She continued by discussing the impact of downtown on counties and noted that the counties see an increase in workload in the fall.
10:02:31 AM  
Mr. Herb Wilson, representing the Governor's Office of Information Technology, came to table to answer committee questions.
10:04:13 AM  

Ms. Walker and Mr. Wilson, in response to a committee, discussed the unique events of several updates coinciding for humans services systems.  Mr. Wilson noted that each project has its own internal governance structure and that the events demonstrate that there needs to be greater coordination between projects.  Commissioner Sharpe stated that countites appreciate the modernization and updates, but that the governance structure presents challenges.

10:11:02 AM  

Commissioner Sharpe continued by offering several recommendations on CBMS governance, county inclusion in schedule timing, adequate testing, and employee training.

10:16:59 AM  
Mr. Wilson continued by discussing actions that are being undertaken by OIT and Lieutenant Governor's Office to create a memorandum of understanding between executive agencies to further communication. He noted the several scheduling issues and constraints that the project faces. He also highlighted the current testing and training the department is undertaking.
10:22:38 AM  
In response to several committee questions, Mr. Wilson discussed compliance standards and communications update opportunities.
10:28:26 AM  
Mr. Wilson continued by discussing the project's budget. He stating that the project is being funded through a 90/10 federal match that expires in December 2018.
10:32:21 AM  
Commissioner Sharpe, in response to committee questions, discussion communication and inclusion in decision-making processes.
10:33:24 AM  
Mr. Wilson continued by discussing the project schedule and the impact of changes to the project timeline.
10:39:20 AM  
In response to committee questions, Commissioner Sharpe and Ms. Walker stated that the counties are ready to make the change, but have lingering worries about Phase 2 dates.