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Date Mar 6, 2023      
Location HCR 0107

Presentation on the Colorado Water Plan - Committee Discussion Only

01:35:38 PM  
Lauren Ris, Deputy
Director, and Russ Sands, Water Supply Planning Section Chief, from Colorado
Water Conservation Board (CWCB) introduced themselves and their presentation
(Attachment A).  
01:38:33 PM  
Deputy Director Ris discussed the past changes made to the Colorado Water Plan and the steps taken by CWCB to create the latest update. The updated plan can be found online here:
01:41:52 PM  
Mr. Sands discussed
the four key values, the purpose, and the vision of the plan. He spoke
about the different partnerships and the partner actions listed in the
01:44:57 PM  
Mr. Sands spoke about the interconnected action areas in the plan, including vibrant communities, robust agriculture, thriving watersheds, and resilient planning.
01:47:56 PM  
Mr. Sands told the
committee about the water needs across the state and different industries,
the potential for water conservation, and investing in future water planning.
01:49:50 PM  
Mr. Sands discussed what is currently being done to implement the Water Plan, including turf replacement program setup, wildfire ready watersheds, and grant making.
01:54:13 PM  
Deputy Director Ris
and Mr. Sands answered questions about similar types of water plans in
other states, federal involvement, and urban water conservation.
01:59:36 PM  
Deputy Director Ris answered questions about the turf replacement program and how federal conservation demands affect the implementation of the Water Plan.
02:05:19 PM  
Mr. Sands spoke about
how the Water Plan encourages investment in a variety of strategies to
be resilient to future water planning.
02:07:23 PM  
Mr. Sands answered questions about grant funding for salinity control in the Water Plan and how the plan provides tools for water conservation.

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