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Date Aug 22, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Panel on Consumer Choice - Committee Discussion Only

12:31:45 PM  

The committee came back to order.  Ms. Cindy Schonhaut, representing the Office of Consumer Counsel, came to the table to discuss consumer choice.

12:33:04 PM  

Ms. Schonhaut continued by discussing retail competition and choice in the electric sector and its effects on residential customers.

12:35:10 PM  
Ms. Schonhaut continued by discussing rates in Illinois and Connecticut and highlighted the experiences of consumers in New York.
12:48:35 PM  

Ms. Michelle King, representing the Colorado Energy Consumers, came to the table to discuss large industrial and commerical energy consumers.  She distributed a handout to the committee [Attachment E].

12:49:23 PM  
Ms. King continued by discussing several recent pieces of legislation and highlighted some remaining questions that need to be addressed.
12:55:46 PM  

Mr. Bill Levis, representing Colorado AARP, came to the table to discuss consumer choice and recent Colorado legislation.  He distributed a copy of his presentation to the committee [Attachment F].

01:04:01 PM  
Mr. Levis continued by discussing electric retail choice and AARP's opposition to the the concept.
01:11:23 PM  
Ms. Gwen Farnsworth, representing Western Resource Advocates, came to the table to discuss clean energy and customer choice.
01:12:47 PM  
Ms. Farnsworth continued by discussing several considerations for community choice aggregation.
01:19:12 PM  
In response to committee questions, Ms. Farnsworth stated that community choice aggregation might not move Colorado towards its energy goals faster than the current process, but that much uncertainty remains.
01:33:01 PM  
The committee continued to discuss community choice aggregation.
01:36:51 PM  

In response to a committee question, Ms. King discussed community choice and the role of industrial and commerical consumers.