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Date Jul 26, 2019      
Location SCR 357

COYAC Policy Recommendation 1: Youth Budget - Committee Discussion Only

02:30:38 PM  

Mr. Schwartz and Ms. Logan presented COYAC's first policy recommendation regarding a youth budget. Committee members received a sample youth budget from San Mateo County, California (Attachment A).

02:32:17 PM  

Mr. Schwartz explained the benefits of a youth budget tool for citizens and legislators.

02:33:18 PM  

Ms. Logan explained that COYAC hopes to work with the General Assembly to develop a youth budget.

02:34:22 PM  

Ms. Logan responded to questions from Senator Court about the proposed youth budget and how it would be developed and published.  Discussion continued with Mr. Schwartz regarding how K-12 education funding would be presented.

02:40:21 PM  

Senator Court discussed the proposal, suggesting that the budget items be presented in aggregate as a starting point. Mr. Ada suggested that there would also be benefits to spelling out greater specifics in the youth budget, such as mental health programs within K-12 education. Representative McKean noted that because of local control of education, the committee would need to know what categories of spending schools and districts report to the state.

02:44:57 PM  

Ms. Logan discussed the possible definitions of "youth," noting that in the sample youth budgets they found, some focused on school-age, others chose those under 18 years old, and others extended the definition up to age 24. Senator Court suggested that K-12 possibly be excluded from the youth budget.

02:46:44 PM  

Mr. Schwartz and Ms. Logan responded to the committee's discussion, particularly regarding the inclusion of K-12 education spending.

02:51:24 PM  

Representative McKean explained that the budget would need to consider which departments to include and what reporting to require.

02:52:17 PM  

Mr. Arciniaga and Ms. Logan discussed the inclusion of rural areas in the budget.

02:58:36 PM  

Members of the committee commented about how policy decisions are made and the best places to go for information. Discussion ensued about a two-step process for the panelists' proposal.  Ms. Shaik asked about how money is spent and how important it is to define the term "youth." Discussion continued on this matter. Ms. Logan expressed her opinion that youth should encompass children from birth through the age of 18 to cover the nonvoting population. Ms. Shaik discussed the Colorado 9 to 25 Council and wondered why that age range is important for the council.

03:09:55 PM  

Representative McKean provided a summary of the presentation and talked about next steps.