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Motor Vehicle Access Individuals with Disabilities

Concerning basic access for individuals with disabilities using motor vehicles.
2024 Regular Session
Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Bill Summary

Section 1 of the bill requires a car sharing program operating in the state to ensure, on and after January 1, 2028, that for each shared car available through the program, the program shall indicate the car's accessibility modifications. A car sharing program that makes a reasonable effort to obtain accurate information from the shared car owner regarding any modification for accessibility is not liable for incorrect or false information provided by the shared car owner. Section 2 requires the energy code board to include in its model low energy and carbon code accessibility requirements related to electric vehicles that consider design recommendations from the United States Access Board (access board) and any applicable federal regulations. Sections 3 and 4 require that for an electric vehicle charging station constructed or replaced on and after January 1, 2026, a local government may approve the new construction or remodel of an electric vehicle charging station only if the station is built with a minimum of 120 inches of width with 36 inch access aisles and at a height accessible for an individual using a wheelchair (accessible charging station). By January 1, 2028, all electric vehicle charging station locations with more than one charging station must provide the same proportion of accessible charging stations as the federal "Americans with Disabilities Act" requires of parking spaces no fewer than 5% or one vehicle charging space should incorporate the standards from the access board until applicable regulations are issued by the federal department of justice or the federal department of transportation. Section 5 clarifies that an individual shall not block reasonable access to reserved parking, curb ramps, access aisles, or accessible routes by any means. A peace officer or parking enforcement officer is required to investigate a complaint that accessible parking has been blocked within a reasonable time.

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