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Wildfire Mitigation Wildland-urban Interface Areas

Concerning measures to mitigate the effects of wildfires within wildland-urban interface areas, and, in connection therewith, clarifying the legislative intent that state funding of the existing forest restoration and wildfire risk mitigation grant program be increased and making an appropriation.
2019 Regular Session
Natural Resources & Environment
Bill Summary

Wildfire Matters Review Committee. The bill creates a state grant program to be administered by the Colorado state forest service (forest service) to fund proactive forest management fuels reduction projects to reduce the impacts to life, property, and critical infrastructure caused by wildfires.

To be eligible for a grant award, a grant recipient must be any one of a group of individual landowners as specified in the bill whose real property that is the subject of a grant application is located within a land area that is covered by a community wildfire protection plan.

The bill specifies requirements pertaining to the evaluation of grant proposals. The forest service is to select the proposals that will receive funding, administer the grant program, and develop procedures by which applicants are to apply for grants.

The bill imposes a monetary limit on the amount of a grant to be awarded and also requires a grant applicant to demonstrate an available amount of matching funds to be awarded a grant.

The bill creates the forest management fuels reduction projects grant program cash fund in the state treasury.

The bill requires the forest service to report annually to the general assembly on the number, location, and benefits of all projects for which a grant award is made.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


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Rep. T. Carver, Rep. B. McLachlan
Sen. R. Fields



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