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Division Of Motor Vehicles Colorado Driver's License Record Identification And Vehicle Enterprise System

Concerning the implementation of a new computer system by the division of motor vehicles to facilitate the division's administration of the operation of motor vehicles in the state.
2017 Regular Session
Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Bill Summary

In 2018, the division of motor vehicles (division) will be replacing its current computer system, known as the Colorado state titling and registration system (CSTARS), with a new computer system, known as Colorado driver's license, record, identification, and vehicle enterprise solution ( Colorado DRIVES). Several sections of the bill amend the statutes to replace CSTARS with Colorado DRIVES, including renaming the account associated with these programs.

Currently, the statutes create a CSTARS advisory committee. Section 4 of the bill replaces the current advisory committee with a Colorado DRIVES county governance committee, which consists of the following 9 members:

  • Two authorized agents (county clerks) from a category I or category II county;
  • Two authorized agents from a category III or category IV county;
  • Two authorized agents from a category V or category VI county;
  • Two employees of the department of revenue; and
  • One employee of the governor's office of information technology.

The committee's duties are to:

  • Approve the annual operation budget proposal;
  • Fix the time when and place where meetings are held; and
  • Establish subcommittees and working groups to report to the committee.

Currently, county clerks and recorders are designated the 'authorized agents' of the department of revenue for vehicle titling and registration. The motor vehicle statutes use the phrase 'county clerk and recorder', and the equivalent in Denver and Broomfield, interchangeably with the phrase 'authorized agent'. Several sections of the bill define the term 'authorized agent' and replace the occurrences of 'county clerk and recorder' with 'authorized agent' to make the usage consistent.

Section 2 of the bill authorizes the division to share driver's license and identification card images with the driver licensing agency of any other state.

Section 3 clarifies that the authorized agent is responsible for title and registration documents until verified by the division, and the division is responsible for the documents digitally stored by the division.

Current law excepts some classes of identification cards from expiring in the same manner as most cards, which is after 5 years.

Sections 5 and 6 authorize county clerks to transfer money collected from motor vehicle transactions to the division via electronic funds transfer.

Finally, several sections of the bill repeal obsolete provisions.

Provisions of the bill that deposit money in the CSTARS account take effect on September 1, 2018.

(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


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