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h_fin_2016a_2017-01-05t13:37:01z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 01/05/2017


Colorado Department of Revenue


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01:49 PM -- Colorado Department of Revenue

Executive Director Barbara Brohl, representing the Colorado Department of Revenue, came to the table to discuss the department. She distributed a handout to the committee (Attachment A). She highlighted DOR's organizational structure and gave a general overview of the department. She also updated the committee on the Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification, and Vehicle Enterprise Solution (DRIVES) project.

Attachment A can be viewed at Legislative Council.

01:57 PM

Mr. Mike Dixon, representing DOR, came to the table to discuss the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). He highlighted the new waitless system in county DMV offices. He highlighted several other DMV customer service improvements. In response to a committee question, Mr. Dixon and Director Brohl discussed how the DMV plans to address the growth in the state's aging population.

02:12 PM

In response to a question, Director Brohl discussed the funding and program goals of Senate Bill 13-251 licenses. She noted the interplay between state and county funding. Mr. Dixon responded to a committee question regarding funding for the DRIVES program. Director Brohl also highlighted the costs savings associated with the new DRIVES system.

02:27 PM

Ms. Laura Solano, representing DOR, came to the table to discuss the Colorado Lottery. She discussed the current status of the lottery and the division's business goals. She responded to a committee question regarding distribution of lottery moneys in Colorado.

02:37 PM

Mr. Ron Kammerzell, representing DOR, came to the table to discuss the enforcement division. He highlighted medical and retail marijuana enforcement, along with liquor enforcement. He responded to committee questions about the new universal edible label. He also highlighted the division's response to Senate Bill 16-197.

02:54 PM

Mr. John Vecchiarelli, representing DOR, came to the table to discuss the Taxation Fraud Detection project. He addressed several questions regarding fraud and electronic filing.

03:10 PM

Ms. Heidi Humphreys, representing DOR, came to the to discuss the department's LEAN process and improvement initiatives. Director Brohl continued by discussing upcoming decision items and legislative initiatives.

03:24 PM

Director Brohl continued by discussing the department's Performance Plan with the assistance of Mr. Vecchiarelli, Mr. Dixon, Ms. Solano, and Mr. Kammerzell.

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