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Cases Of Domestic Violence In Municipal Court

Concerning the jurisdiction of municipal courts to hear domestic violence offenses.
2023 Regular Session
Courts & Judicial
Bill Summary

Beginning January 1, 2024, the act requires a municipality that has a municipal ordinance that criminalizes an act of domestic violence to adopt an ordinance establishing:

  • Protections and rights for victims, victims' families, and witnesses; sentencing guidelines; conditions of probation; conditions of release on bond; and guidelines and standards that are consistent with similar provisions for prosecuting an act of domestic violence in district court; and
  • A requirement that the prosecuting attorney who initially meets with the victim after the charges are filed makes a reasonable effort to remain as the prosecuting attorney throughout the proceeding.

In a case involving an alleged violation of a municipal ordinance that criminalizes an act of domestic violence, the act requires a municipal court to issue a protection order; report or cause to be reported the alleged violation to the Colorado bureau of investigation (CBI) and enter the information into the Colorado crime information center (CCIC) database and the national crime information center (NCIC) database; and search the CBI, CCIC database, and the NCIC database to determine if the respondent has a history of domestic violence.

The act states that any case involving an alleged violation of a municipal ordinance that criminalizes an act of domestic violence is a misdemeanor for the purposes of complying with federal law.

The act authorizes any affected person to enforce compliance with the act by notifying the crime victim services advisory board of any noncompliance. If the board determines that the report of noncompliance has a basis in fact and cannot be resolved, the act requires the board to refer the report to the governor, who shall request that the attorney general file suit to enforce compliance.

Beginning January 2025 and each year thereafter until January 2029, the act requires the department of public safety to report during the department's "SMART Act" hearing the total number of reports and inquiries submitted to CBI, the CCIC database, and the NCIC database.

APPROVED by Governor May 25, 2023

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2024

NOTE: This act was passed without a safety clause.
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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