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Physician Continuing Education

Concerning continuing education requirements for physicians.
2024 Regular Session
Health Care & Health Insurance
Professions & Occupations
Bill Summary

The act establishes a continuing medical education requirement (CME) for physicians licensed in this state.

To meet the CME requirement, a physician must complete 30 credit hours of CME (CME credit hours) in the 24 months preceding the renewal, reinstatement, or reactivation of the physician's medical license in topics selected by the physician and also in topics specified in the act. The act specifies the type and sponsors of programs or activities that qualify for CME credit hours. The board, at its discretion, may initiate a stakeholder process to consider requiring CME credit hours in a certain topic and shall initiate a stakeholder process for the board to consider requiring specific credit hours relating to health disparities and outcomes data, reproductive, sexual, and gender-based health care, and explicit and implicit bias.

To verify compliance with the CME requirement, the physician shall affirm on the license renewal form submitted to the board that the physician has complied with the CME requirement. The board is also authorized to audit up to 5% of physician renewals annually, chosen at random with an oversampling of nonboard-certified physicians, and to require that the physician submit proof of the CME programs completed and the CME credit hours awarded. A physician's failure to comply with the CME requirement or to submit proof to the board during a board audit, without reasonable cause, constitutes unprofessional conduct. If the physician fails to comply with the CME requirement, the physician's license is inactive until reinstated by the board.

The board may adopt rules to implement the CME requirement.

The director of the division of professions and occupations in the department of regulatory agencies shall increase existing fees on physician licensure renewals to cover any additional costs associated with implementing the CME requirement.

APPROVED by Governor June 4, 2024

EFFECTIVE August 7, 2024
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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