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Prohibit Direct-hire Fee Health-care Staff Agency

Concerning a prohibition against requiring compensation to a health-care staffing agency if a contracted health-care facility hires the health-care staffing agency's employee as a permanent employee of the health-care facility.
2023 Regular Session
Health Care & Health Insurance
Labor & Employment
Bill Summary

The bill prohibits a supplemental health-care staffing agency (staffing agency) from including in a contract or agreement with a health-care worker nursing care facility, or assisted living residence or health-care facility a provision for liquidated damages, employment fees, or other compensation to be paid to the staffing agency if the nursing care facility or assisted living residence health-care facility hires the health-care worker as a permanent employee either prior to or after the termination of the contract or agreement.If a staffing agency that violates the prohibition commits a civil infraction and is subject to a monetary penalty. Further, for repeated or willful violations, the executive director of the department of labor and employment may impose monetary or administrative penalties against the staffing agency unlawfully collects or attempts to collect liquidated damages, employment fees, or other compensation from a health-care worker or health-care facility, the health-care worker or health-care facility may bring a legal action for damages, a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 per violation, and injunctive relief .

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