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Standards For Innovation District Waivers

Concerning waivers granted to school districts of innovation.
2017 Regular Session

Under existing law, if the state board of education (state board) designates a school district as a district of innovation based on the innovation plan the school district submits to the state board, the state board is required to grant any waivers of state statute or rule that are necessary to implement the innovation plan. The waivers remain in place so long as the district remains a district of innovation.

Under the bill, the state board must apply the same standard that it applies for waiving statutes and rules for school districts in other circumstances to determine whether to waive statutes or rules for a district of innovation. After granting a waiver, the state board may revoke the waiver if it receives evidence of good and just cause for the revocation, which is the same standard for revoking a waiver granted to a school district in other circumstances.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


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