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Session Laws

Immediately after the adjournment of each session, the Office of Legislative Legal Services indexes and publishes all the bills and concurrent resolutions passed at that session together with those resolutions and memorials designated for printing by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Red Book | Session Laws Prior to 2016

Session Laws from the

Bill # Bill Topic Effective Date Page # Chapter # Chapter Text
SB21-153 Department of Corrections Offender Identification Assistance Program 404 101 PDF
SB21-192 Housing Mentors In Youthful Offender Facility 407 102 PDF
HB21-1022 Surrogacy Agreements 05/06/2021 409 103 PDF
HB21-1018 Adoptive Parents Payments To Outside Providers 05/07/2021 419 104 PDF
HB21-1066 CDOT Colorado Department of Transportation Financial Reporting Requirements 421 105 PDF
HB21-1123 CAPS Checks For Substantiated Mistreatment Of Adult 423 106 PDF
HB21-1138 Restrict Off-highway Vehicles On Public Roads 05/07/2021 430 107 PDF
HB21-1148 Colorado State Fair Annual Report Submission Date Change 431 108 PDF
HB21-1155 Sales Tax Statute Modifications To Address Defects 05/07/2021 433 109 PDF
SB21-093 Sunset Continue Healthcare Infections Advisory Committee 09/01/2021 436 110 PDF
SB21-097 Sunset Continue Medical Transparency Act 09/01/2021 438 111 PDF
SB21-133 Donated Alcohol Beverages For Special Events 440 112 PDF
SB21-139 Coverage For Telehealth Dental Services 05/07/2021 442 113 PDF
SB21-179 Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative Advisory Board 05/07/2021 444 114 PDF
SB21-195 Notarization Of Certain Probate Documents 05/07/2021 447 115 PDF
HB21-1031 Jurisdiction To Modify Family Law Orders On Appeal 05/07/2021 449 116 PDF
HB21-1156 Fix Defects Related To Severance Withholdings 452 117 PDF
HB21-1157 Accurate References For Department of Revenue Tax Administration 454 118 PDF
HB21-1158 Special Fuel Farm Equipment Sales Use Tax 456 119 PDF
HB21-1218 Professional Fire Fighters License Plate Standards 460 120 PDF
HB21-1009 Update Division Housing Function & Local Development 462 121 PDF
HB21-1019 Modification To Regulations Of Factory-built Structures 465 122 PDF
SB21-006 Human Remains Natural Reduction Soil 488 123 PDF
SB21-152 Rule Review Bill 05/10/2021 502 124 PDF
HB21-1048 Retail Business Must Accept Cash 508 125 PDF