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Session Laws

Immediately after the adjournment of each session, the Office of Legislative Legal Services indexes and publishes all the bills and concurrent resolutions passed at that session together with those resolutions and memorials designated for printing by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Red Book | Session Laws Prior to 2016

Session Laws from the

Bill # Bill Topic Effective Date Page # Chapter # Chapter Text
SB21-020 Energy Equipment And Facility Property Tax Valuation 215 51 PDF
HB21-1052 Define Pumped Hydroelectricity As Renewable Energy 220 52 PDF
SB21-145 Extending Expiring Tax Check-offs 222 53 PDF
HB21-1154 Modification To Child Care Tax Credit To Address Defects 226 54 PDF
HB21-1177 Add Use Tax Exemption To Some Sales Tax Exemption 228 55 PDF
SB21-117 Foster Care Student Services Coordination 04/26/2021 230 56 PDF
SB21-123 Expand Canadian Rx Import Program 232 57 PDF
SB21-124 Changes To Felony Murder 09/15/2021 235 58 PDF
SB21-040 Driver's History Profession Or Occupation Decision 239 59 PDF
SB21-107 Honoring Carrie Ann Lucas 243 60 PDF
SB21-075 Supported Decision-making Agreement 244 61 PDF
SB21-218 Colorado Department Of Labor And Employment Employment And Training Technology Fund 04/27/2021 250 62 PDF
HB21-1061 Residential Land Property Tax Classification 252 63 PDF
SB21-066 Juvenile Diversion Programs 04/29/2021 254 64 PDF
HB21-1131 Cooperative Electric Associations Governance Requirements 261 65 PDF
SB21-144 Sunset Homeland Security And All-hazards Advisory Committee 09/01/2021 267 66 PDF
SB21-224 Capital-related Transfers Of Money 04/29/2021 269 67 PDF
SB21-225 Repay Cash Funds For 2020 Transfers 04/29/2021 272 68 PDF
SB21-227 State Emergency Reserve 04/29/2021 274 69 PDF
HB21-1047 County Commissioner Districts Gerrymandering 04/29/2021 277 70 PDF
HB21-1146 Auricular Acudetox Professional Practice 04/29/2021 290 71 PDF
HB21-1147 Simplify Architects Continuing Education Requirement 292 72 PDF
HB21-1204 Unemployment Insurance Marijuana-licensed Business 04/29/2021 293 73 PDF
SB21-079 Deregulate Meat Sales Direct To Consumers 04/29/2021 295 74 PDF
SB21-130 Local Authority for Business Personal Property Tax Exemption 04/29/2021 298 75 PDF


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