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Interim Committee Interim Committee

Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System Interim Study Committee

Proposed Legislation

Bill Designation Bill Topic Former Bill Destination Fiscal Note
Bill A Determinate Sentence For Indeterminate Sex Offense Bill 1 Bill 1
Bill B Sentences For Habitual Criminals Bill 8 Bill 8
Bill C Reauthorize Commn Crim & Juv Jus Bill 9 Bill 9
Bill D Lowering Mandatory Parole From 5 Years To 3 Years Bill 12 Bill 12
Bill E CCJJ Criminal Sentencing Study Bill 14 Bill 14

Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council

Bill Designation Bill Topic Fiscal Note
Bill 7 Direct Referrals to Community Corrections (Withdrawn Prior to Meeting -- No Draft Prepared)
Bill 13 DOC Intensive Supervision Program Criteria
Bill 15 Alternative To Prisons Program
Bill 2 Second-look Criminal Sentencing Bill 2
Bill 3 Relief From Collateral Consequences Bill 3
Bill 4 Parole 50% Nonviolent Crime 75% Violent Crime Bill 4
Bill 5 Range For Extraordinary Aggravating Circumstances Bill 5
Bill 6 Discretionary Parole For Special Needs Offenders Bill 6
Bill 10 Restitution Interest & Constinuation Bill 10
Bill 11 Extraordinary Mitigating Circumstances Bill 11
Bill 16 Early Termination Of Probation Bill 16
Bill 17 Make Sex Offender Registration More Effective Bill 17
Bill 18 State-paid Pretrial Substance Abuse Treatment Bill 18
Bill 19 Limit Number Of Beds In DOC Bill 19