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Date: 11/18/2016


Presenation from the Department of Public Health and Environment on the Zika Virus


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10:22 AM -- Department of Public Health and Environment

Jennifer House, State Public Health Veterinarian, Department of Public Health and Environment, provided an overview of the Zika virus. She discussed the tracking program of the Zika virus in Colorado. Ms. House discussed the most effective tests to determine if an individual has been infected with the virus.

Ms. House discussed the presence of the Zika virus within the United States. She discussed the tests for West Nile virus within Colorado, the most prominent mosquito carried virus in Colorado. She discussed targeted surveillance in local areas and new funding to increase staff training to control and prevent mosquito born viruses.

Ms. House answered questions from the committee regarding the current individuals in Colorado that are infected with the Zika virus. She explained that these individuals contracted the virus while traveling to areas that are currently within the Zika infection zones.

10:32 AM

Ms. House answered questions regarding federal funding for research and programs on disease identification. She said that Colorado currently has the funding needed to provide sufficient prevention measures.

Ms. House answered questions about tires that are shipped to Colorado from around the world and tire dumping in Colorado. She explained that tires are a breeding ground from mosquitos in Colorado.

Ms. House answered questions about non-mosquito transmissions of the Zika virus. She also discussed the birth defects associated with the virus.

10:42 AM

Ms. House answered questions regarding a pregnancy registry to track pregnant women who have traveled to active Zika virus zones.

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