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J_JTC_2023A 02/24/2023 08:03:03 AM Committee Summary

Date 02/24/2023
Baisley X
Cutter X
Parenti X
Weinberg *
Titone X
Priola X
Time 08:03:03 AM to 08:40:38 AM
Place SCR 352
This Meeting was called to order by Priola
This Report was prepared by Samantha Falco
Hearing Items Action Taken
Consideration of Draft Legislation Committee Discussion Only

08:03:04 AM
Vanessa Reilly, Legislative Council Staff, gave remarks to the committee.

Consideration of Draft Legislation - Committee Discussion Only

08:05:06 AM  
Michael McReynolds and Brandi Reitter with the Office of Information Technology started with a presentation on Broadband (Attachment A). The committee asked questions about transparency of where broadband is and public engagement.
08:29:29 AM  

The presentation continued with information on the draft legislation OLLS 23-0657.01 Local Government Provision of Communication Services (Attachment B). The bill will allow for local government to provide certain communication services and broadband. Additionally, the committee received a fact sheet (Attachment C).

08:31:58 AM  
The committee asked questions about the timelines to access federal funding,

08:34:39 AM
Motion The Joint Technology Committee adopts OLLS 23-0657.01 bill draft for legislation.
Moved Titone
Baisley Yes
Cutter Yes
Parenti Yes
Weinberg Yes
Titone Yes
Priola Yes
YES: 6   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS
08:34:40 AM  
The committee assigned the bill to start in the Senate and will be sponsored by Senators Priola and Baisley and in the House it will be sponsored by Representatives Titone and Weinberg. Representatives Parenti and Story and Senator Cutter will be co-sponsoring the bill.
08:38:44 AM  
Nicole Meyers, Office of Legislative Legal Services, gave information on the draft bill.

08:40:38 AM   The committee adjourned.

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