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j_jtc_2017a_2017-10-11t10:04:47z0 Hearing Summary

Date: 10/11/2017

Location: RM 271


Presentation and Discussion with HCPF


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Senator Martinez Humenik called the meeting to order. A quorum was present. Representative Young joined the committee.

10:04 AM -- Presentation and Discussion with Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing regarding the Colorado interChange and Medicaid Management Information System

Mr. Tom Massey, representing the Colorado Department of Health Care Financing and Policy (HCPF), came to the table to discuss the department's Colorado interchange and Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). Mr. Massey distributed a packet of information to the committee (Attachment A). The committee also received a memorandum on MMIS (Attachment B).

171011 AttachA.pdf171011 AttachA.pdf171011 AttachB.pdf171011 AttachB.pdf

Mr. Chris Underwood, representing HCPF, came to the table to give the committee an overview and update on the Colorado Medicaid Management Innovation and Transportation (COMMIT) project, an update on Colorado interchange, an overview of payment issues, the actions the department and the vendor (DXC) are taking to help providers with the transition, and the department's plans for returning to normal operations.

10:25 AM

Mr. Underwood continued by discussing the modernizations implemented through the project. He also highlighted data comparing Colorado weekly paid claims percentages with data from other states. He continued by discussing provider enrollments in the medicaid program. Mr. Underwood noted that the call center wait times have been unacceptable and that the department worked with DXC to achieve wait times of 10 minutes or less. Mr. Underwood continued by discussing how the department plans to resolve problems and manage issues.

10:44 AM

In response to a committee question, Mr. Underwood discussed the system and its handling of prior authorizations. He continued by noting the steps the department and DXC is taking to help users during the transition. Mr. Underwood also discussed the delay of the implementation from October to March and the challenges of identifying providers. Responding to a committee question regarding notices, Mr. Underwood highlighted the department's outreach during the transition. Mr. Massey noted the communications issues encountered during the project and described the site visits the department undertakes. Mr. Stu Bailey, representing DXC, noted that the legacy system was paper-based and that the transition to computer-based systems provides training challenges.

11:11 AM

Mr. Underwood continued by discussing the how the department is using the claim denial rate data to fix system issues. Mr. Bailey noted the system refinement process DXC is conducting. In response to a committee question, Mr. Underwood noted that the department reviewed systems from Wisconsin and Delaware before implementation and that there were numerous failures of updated systems across the nation. He stated that the department is working with the State of Nevada and HCPF's federal partners to help implement the project. Mr. Massey noted that communication issues are hard to solve and that he encourages any providers to reach out to him.

11:33 AM

In response to a committee question, Mr. Underwood discussed the magnitude of the code and programming changes and how the department works with their vendors. He also highlighted the project's IV&V vendor and stated that HCPF works with them on a monthly basis. Mr. Underwood continued to respond to committee questions regarding the provider claims process.

11:43 AM

In response to a committee question, Mr. Underwood discussed the testing of the system before production and noted that the problems currently seem to involve small providers. Mr. Bailey, in response to a committee question, noted that other states have run into issues with the new Medicaid claim systems due to the complex nature of Medicaid. He stated that in comparison to other states, Colorado is doing well with this transition even though there are issues with providers.

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