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Date: 06/03/2016


Trends in State Cybersecurity Laws and Legislation


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11:12 AM -- Trends in State Cybersecurity Laws and Legislation

Pam Greenberg, Senior Fellow, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), came to the table to discuss trends in state cybersecurity laws and legislation. Committee members received a copy of her presentation (Attachment C). Ms. Greenberg discussed the mission of NCSL, recent laws enacted related to security breaches, data disposal laws, data security laws, and computer crime laws. Committee members also received a handout from NCSL on the provisions of security breach notification laws for all 50 states (Attachment D).

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11:25 AM

Committee discussion ensued on trends in computer crimes and phishing. In response to a committee question regarding the effectiveness of computer crime laws, Ms. Greenberg discussed the challenges associated with educating people about such laws. Ms. Greenberg also discussed recent cybersecurity initiatives by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies. Committee discussion ensued on how Colorado compares to other states on cybersecurity laws.

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