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j_jtc_2016a_2016-01-11t09:12:00z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 01/11/2016


Statewide Internet Portal Authority


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09:17 AM -- Statewide Internet Portal Authority

Jack Arrowsmith, Executive Director, Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA), presented its annual report to the committee, including the charge and functions of SIPA (Attachment A). Committee members received a packet of information, including SIPA's 2015 Annual Report, prepared by SIPA (Attachment B). Mr. Arrowsmith discussed the statutory creation of SIPA, its clients, recent technology solutions, and cost savings resulting from SIPA's services. Mr. Arrowsmith also explained SIPA's partnership with Colorado Interactive. Committee discussion ensued on SIPA's history.

160111 AttachA.pdf160111 AttachA.pdf160111 AttachB.pdf160111 AttachB.pdf

09:28 AM

Mr. Arrowsmith also discussed SIPA's engagement with citizens, its agreements with eligible governmental entities, staff, net revenue, and growth since 2006. Committee discussion ensued on fees charged for credit card transactions. Gregg Rippy, SIPA Board of Directors, explained the methodology for charging fees to allow SIPA to remain revenue neutral.

09:40 AM

In response to a committee question regarding SIPA's use of mobile applications (e.g., smartphones), Mr. Arrowsmith discussed ongoing conversations with the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT). Committee discussion ensued on SIPA's involvement with the procurement of certain software, such as Salesforce and Google for Government.

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