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J_CDC_2018A 03/22/2018 08:06:23 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/22/2018
Becker J. X
Hansen *
Kefalas X
Sonnenberg *
Esgar X
Baumgardner X
Time 08:06:23 AM to 08:50:04 AM
Place SCR 357
This Meeting was called to order by Baumgardner
This Report was prepared by Matt Becker
Hearing Items Action Taken
Other Business Recommendation Approved
Potential Legislation Committee Discussion Only

Other Business - Recommendation Approved

08:07:54 AM  

The committee discussed the Grand Junction Regional Center (GJRC) Campus Relocation and Closure project.

08:10:44 AM  

Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, responded to committee questions regarding the GJRC.

08:11:39 AM  

Riley Kitts and Erik Johnson, both representing the Department of Human Services, came to the table to respond to committee questions.

08:19:33 AM  
Mr. Johnson responded to a question about the cost for constructing new homes.

08:35:26 AM
Motion Recommend an appropriation to the Department of Human Services of $3,511,341 (including $2,336,591 CCF and $1,174,750 CF) to the Department of Human Services for the Grand Junction Regional Center Campus Relocation and Closure project to: (1) relicense two-state-owned homes in Grand Junction (each home has maximum capacity of six persons) to Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF); (2) build two new, six-bedroom, six-resident homes in Grand Junction to provide ICF services to be operated by the state; and (3) investigate the potential for a public/private partnership to lease the 29 Road home to a private provider, and if an agreement is reached, renovate the home.
Moved Becker J.
Becker J. Yes
Hansen Yes
Kefalas Yes
Sonnenberg Yes
Esgar Yes
Baumgardner Yes
YES: 6   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

Potential Legislation - Committee Discussion Only

08:36:25 AM  

Ms. Donaldson discussed potential legislation related to the Art in Public Places Program for capital construction projects financed through a lease-purchase agreement.

08:50:04 AM   Committee Adjourned

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