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J_CDC_2018A 03/15/2018 08:03:31 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/15/2018
Becker J. X
Hansen X
Kefalas X
Sonnenberg X
Esgar X
Baumgardner X
Time 08:03:31 AM to 08:56:04 AM
Place SCR 357
This Meeting was called to order by Baumgardner
This Report was prepared by Matt Becker
Hearing Items Action Taken
Response to March 9 JBC Letter Committee Discussion Only
Potential Legislation Committee Discussion Only

Response to March 9 JBC Letter - Committee Discussion Only

08:03:59 AM  

The committee discussed its response to a Joint Budget Committee letter dated March 9, 2018, regarding the prioritization of FY 2018-19 capital construction projects recommended for funding. [Attachment A].

08:04:45 AM  
The committee discussed the relocation and closure of the Grand Junction Regional Center campus.
08:25:50 AM  

Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, responded to committee questions.

08:27:28 AM  
Riley Kitts, Legislative Liaison, Department of Human Services, came to the table to respond to committee questions.

Potential Legislation - Committee Discussion Only

08:40:29 AM  

Ms. Donaldson discussed a potential Joint Budget Committee (JBC) bill related to a maintenance fund for the Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center. Committee members received a JBC staff memo related to the bill [Attachment B].

08:42:36 AM  
Ms. Donaldson responded to committee questions. Steve Allen, JBC Staff, came to the table to respond to additional committee questions.
08:45:38 AM  
Esther van Mourik, Office of Legislative Legal Services, discussed a draft of potential committee legislation related to the controlled maintenance needs of real property acquired through a lease-purchase agreement [Attachment C].

08:56:04 AM   Committee Adjourned

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