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i_taxtask_2017a_2017-07-11t10:06:11z8 Hearing Summary

Date: 07/11/2017

Location: RM 271


Overview from Counties


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02:20 PM -- Overview from Counties

Gini Pingenot, Colorado Counties, Incorporated, discussed the task force from the counties' perspective. Ms. Pingenot spoke about counties’ reliance on property taxes and less so on sales taxes. 50 of Colorado’s 64 counties do have a sales tax. Ms. Pingenot also spoke about counties’ use of the state’s sales tax base and their reliance on the state to collect, administer, and enforce the counties’ sales taxes.

Tracy Hines, Larimer County, talked about several issues related to the administration of counties’ sales taxes by the Colorado Department of Revenue. Ms. Hines discussed issues related to “zero-filers” and the information included in revenue downloads provided by the department. Ms. Hines also discussed issues related to audits, including the lack of updates from the department. Ms. Hines spoke about the benefits of local control over the administration of sales taxes compared to administration by a third party.

Ms. Hines discussed a handout to the task force (Attachment E). The handout includes a sample of the revenue download that the county receives from the department. The handout also includes a sample of a letter that is provided by the department to the county at the conclusion of an audit. The task force members discussed what data the county has access to from the department.

Attachment E.pdfAttachment E.pdf

Mr. Reese from the Colorado Department of Revenue spoke about the difficulties for the department in having to collect sales taxes for 50 counties and numerous municipalities.