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Date: 12/13/2016


Update from CDE


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01:58 PM -- Update from CDE

Dr. Katy Anthes, Commissioner of Education, introduced herself and spoke about the department's efforts to create the state plan required by ESSA. She described the impact of the new rules on the department's efforts, in particular the push back on required submission dates for the draft and final state plan, and the state board's requirements for submission. She spoke about the department's hub-and-spoke committee process. She described the hub committee's advisory role and the State Board of Education (SBE). She described the spoke committees' subject area focuses: accountability, assessment, effective instruction and leadership, school improvement, standards, title programs plans and assurances, and stakeholder consultation and program coordination. She described Colorado's stakeholder engagement process as very robust, especially in comparison to other states. She spoke about upcoming meetings of the hub committee and how it will try and come to conclusions based on the work of the spoke committees. She went over the timeline of the public input process. She said that once all sections of the plan are drafted, they will present it to the SBE. She spoke about the availability of documents on the committee's website related to its work on the state plan. Alyssa Pearson, representing the department, responded to questions from the committee relating to the new indicator requirement. Committee discussion ensued.

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