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H_HIE_2018A 01/23/2018 10:16:20 AM Committee Summary

Date 01/23/2018
Beckman X
Buckner X
Covarrubias X
Humphrey X
Jackson X
Kennedy X
Landgraf X
Lontine X
Ransom X
Roberts X
Wilson X
Esgar X
Ginal X
Time 10:16:20 AM to 10:36:38 AM
Place HCR 0107
This Meeting was called to order by Ginal
This Report was prepared by James Reed
Hearing Items Action Taken
Colorado Health Institute Presentation Committee Discussion Only

Colorado Health Institute Presentation - Committee Discussion Only

10:19:24 AM  

Representative Ginal introduced and welcomed Allie Morgan, Associate Director of Legislative Services, Colorado Health Institute (CHI), to the table.

10:20:43 AM  

Ms. Morgan explained CHI's priorities including state bill tracking, tracking federal policy, policy analysis reports, CHIP Funding, individual mandate, Medicaid waivers, and other important information concerning Colorado.  Handouts were distributed to the committee. [Attachmetns B,C, and D].

10:23:41 AM  

Ms. Morgan highlighted that CHI is a non-partisan organization.

10:25:09 AM  

Ms. Morgan went on to explain CHI's Legislative Services [Attachment B], 2018 Legislative Forecast [Attachment C], and Colorado's Health Access Survey [Attachment D].


Attachment D:

10:26:29 AM  

Ms. Morgan responded to questions concerning town hall meetings around Colorado, CHI's time allocation to senior dementia, CHI's new website, and what CHI is doing to educate the public on health impacts of marijuana.  

10:17:13 AM

Representative Ginal called the meeting to order and asked the members of the committee to review the Procedures and Expectations memo [Attachment A].

10:36:38 AM   Committee Adjourned

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