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Date Dec 13, 2018      
Location SCR 357

University of Colorado System - Committee Discussion Only

10:06:20 AM  

Mr. Bruce Benson, president, University of Colorado (CU) System, made opening remarks about the CU system and its FY 2019-20 capital construction requests.  Committee members received a packet of information concerning the requests, prepared by the CU System (Attachment B).  President Benson responded to questions regarding the demographics of the CU System's student body, and the cost of higher education for CU students.

10:20:35 AM  

Discussion continued regarding the cost of education at CU and debt loads for students.  Dr. Dorothy Horrell, Chancellor, University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), and Dr. Martin Dunn, CU Denver Dean for the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, presented the CU Denver FY 2019-20 capital construction requests.  Dr. Horrell provided an overview of CU Denver and its student body, and discussed the university's Engineering and Physical Sciences Building Renovation project.  Dr. Dunn discussed his department and the importance of the project to engineering education at CU Denver.

10:37:26 AM  
Dr. Dunn continued to discuss the Engineering and Physical Sciences Renovation project. Discussion ensued regarding the infrastructure funding arrangement on the AHEC campus, and cash contributions for the AHEC Replace Heating and Hot Water System project. Ms. Jennifer Sobanet, Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer for CU Denver, provided input on the AHEC project and infrastructure spending on the campus.
10:57:01 AM  

Discussion ensued regarding the impact of CU campuses on the surrounding communities.  Dr. Venkat Reddy, Chancellor, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus, provided an overview of the campus and its stakeholders.  He then provided an overview of the UCCS Engineering and Applied Science Renovation project.  Mr. Kent Marsh, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning and Facilities Management for UCCS, discussed the campus controlled maintenance requests.

11:12:05 AM  

Ms. Terri Carrothers, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, and Mr. Andre Vite, Campus Architect, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, presented the Anschutz FY 2019-20 capital construction request.  Ms. Carrothers provided an overview of the campus and its population, and discussed the impact of the campus on the community.  Ms. Carrothers also discussed the educational and research programming at the Anschutz campus, and provided an overview of the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine and Behavioral Health project. Mr. Vite provided input on the project. Ms. Carrothers and Ms. Vite discussed the CU Anschutz controlled maintenance requests. Discussion ensued regarding the demographics at CU Anschutz, and the impact of the university on the surrounding community.

11:25:52 AM  

Dr. Philip DiStefano, Chancellor, CU Boulder, presented the university's FY 2019-20 capital construction requests. He provided background on the university, its population, and costs for attending.  Dr. DiStefano discussed the need to improve infrastructure on the Boulder campus, and briefed the committee on the FY 2019-20 capital requests, which include renovations of the Hellems and Guggenheim buildings.  Mr. David Kang, Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability at CU Boulder, responded to questions about sustainability and the two renovation projects.  Discussion ensued regarding campus safety.

11:45:14 AM  

Mr. Kang responded to questions regarding code issues that need to be addressed in the Hellems building.

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