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C5905EA91CC9A94B8725843C006F2904 Hearing Summary


Date Jul 19, 2019      
Location SCR 357

Other Business - Committee Discussion Only

02:14:12 PM  
Ms. Donaldson opened discussions about several issues, starting
with a proposal for the Department of Human Services (DHS) to acquire land
to construct new group homes in Grand Junction.  Committee members
received a letter about the issue, prepared by DHS personnel (Attachment
E).  Mr. Jeremy Hill, Deputy Executive Director, and Mr. Ron Vestman,
Chief Financial Officer, DHS, provided background on the movement of Grand
Junction Regional Center residents to group homes.  Mr. Hill responded
to questions regarding site selection for the new homes.
02:24:41 PM  
Ms. Donaldson discussed a proposal by Metropolitan State University Denver to reduce spending authority on its Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building project. Discussion ensued regarding how the university might best proceed on the proposal, and how to address similar issues in the future.

Ms. Donaldson provided an update on efforts to address an episode of vandalism that occurred in the State Capitol. Discussion ensued regarding changes that might take place as a result, and the committee's role in assisting with associated issues. Ms. Donaldson discussed a forthcoming tour of area facilities.

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