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Date Dec 14, 2018      
Location SCR 357

Office of the State Architect Overview of Annual Report - Committee Discussion Only

11:13:54 AM  

Mr. Larry Friedberg, State Architect, introduced Ms. Tana Lane, Manager for State Buildings Program, Mr. Eric Scholz, Manager for Statewide Planning Program, Mr. Rod Vanderwall, Manager for the Energy Management Program, and Mr. Brandon Ates, Manager for the Real Estate Program, and provided three handouts, including an Annual Report to the Capital Development Committee [Attachment D]; Controlled Maintenance Recommendations vs Five Year Plans [Attachment E]; and Statutory Authority, History and Responsibilities of the Office fo tehe State Architect [Attachment F].  Mr. Friedberg described the role of the Office of the State Architect, introduced its annual report, and described its history.

11:22:35 AM  

Mr. Friedberg discussed questions about community colleges, prioritization, and processes with the committee.

11:33:07 AM  

At the request of the committee, Mr. Friedberg shared information on best practices related to budgeting and controlled maintenance projects.  Ms. Lane described the role of the State Buildings Program and introduced the relevant sections of the Office of the State Architect's Annual Report.

11:43:33 AM  

Ms. Lane responded to questions from the committee regarding historical controlled maintenance funding and categorization.  Ms. Lane provided further information about controlled maintenance projects.

11:55:21 AM  

Mr. Scholz described the Statewide Planning Program.  Mr. Friedberg responded to a question from the committee about the scoring system used to rank capital projects.  Mr. Schulz responded to questions from the committee about master planning with state agencies.

12:09:25 PM  

A discussion regarding master planning processes ensued.  Mr. Vanderwall described the various energy programs, then responded to questions from the committee related to updating environmental standards for new state buildings.

12:21:40 PM  

Mr. Vanderwall described the office's work related to high performance buildings, and responded to questions related to building performance levels and energy efficiency.

12:26:19 PM  

Mr. Ates described the work of the Real Estate Program.  Mr Ates and Mr. Friedberg responded to questions related to state lease payments and agreements.

12:38:22 PM  

Mr. Friedberg presented a report on recent spending on capital projects, supported by comments from the committee.  Mr. Friedberg responded to questions about controlled maintenance from the committee.

12:48:40 PM  

Committee discussion ensued with Mr. Friedberg about capital renewal.

12:51:30 PM  

Mr. Friedberg continued to discuss the prioritized controlled maintenance recommendation made for FY 2018-19 and FY 2019-20.  He discussed funding through controlled maintenance levels versus funding outyear costs within a particular level.  Committee discussion returned to the steam system project requested for funding for FY 2019-20 by the Auraria Higher Education Center.

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