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Date Jan 25, 2018      
Location HCR 0107

Hearing for the Sunset Review of the Weather Modification Act of 1972 - Adopt Draft Bill

01:42:24 PM  

Bryan Jameson, Policy Analyst, Department of Regulatory Agency (DORA), came to the table to talk about the DORA's recommendations on the Weather Modification Act.  DORA's report and draft bill were distributed [Attachments B and C] to the committee. 

01:47:23 PM  

Mr. Jameson reviewed DORA's report and responded to questions from the committee regarding cloud seeding methods, operation locations around the state, environmental impact, and permits.

01:53:41 PM  

Mr. Jameson  explained DORA's first recommendation to continue the Weather Modification Act for 15 years.  He explained that the regulatory program established under the Act protects the public health, safety, and welfare of the public by controlling where, who, and when, weather modification operations take place. 

02:03:44 PM  

Mr. Jameson discussed DORA's second recommendation to repeal the provision which prohibits weather modification unless there is a quid pro quo.  He explained the reasoning behind this reccomendation.

02:03:45 PM  

Mr. Jameson responded to questions about DORA's report and the two recommendations.

02:07:18 PM  

Ken Curtis, representing Dolores Water Conservancy, testified in support of DORA's recommendation to continue the program.

02:11:06 PM  

Mr. Curtis responded to questions regarding water supply in Southwest Colorado and the machinery used in weather modification operations.

02:15:15 PM  

Frank Kugel, representing Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District, testified in support of DORA's recommendation to continue the program.

02:17:36 PM  

Mr. Kugel responded to questions from the committee regarding program length, other state's monetary contribution to the program, pollution impact on water from cloud seeding, total cost of these programs around the state, and the time of year cloud seeding takes place.

02:26:15 PM  

Joe Busto, representing the Department of Natural Resources, testified in support of DORA's recommendation to continue the program.

02:33:26 PM  

Mr. Busto responded to questions from the committee concerning water distribution, and the actual amount of water being created.  He also provided answers to questions asked earlier in the meeting. 

02:44:43 PM
Motion Introduce the Draft Bill
Moved Jackson
Seconded Ginal
Beckman Yes
Buckner Yes
Covarrubias Yes
Humphrey Yes
Jackson Yes
Kennedy Yes
Landgraf Excused
Lontine Yes
Ransom Yes
Roberts Yes
Wilson Yes
Esgar Yes
Ginal Yes
YES: 12   NO: 0   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS
02:44:44 PM  

Representatives Ginal and Ransom requested to be prime sponsors of the bill.

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