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Date Feb 24, 2022      
Location SCR 357

Consideration of Draft Legislation - Committee Discussion Only

08:34:27 AM  
The committee was
called to order.  A quorum was present.  Ms. Nicole Myers, Office
of Legislative Legal Services, provided an overview of draft legislation
concerning money in the Creative Industries Cash Fund.  This legislation
was the result of a request from the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) to the
CDC.  The original letter from the JBC to the CDC concerning this
matter is included as Attachment A. The draft legislation is included as
Attachment B.
08:40:28 AM  
Ruth Wilson, Office
of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), explained why
the legislation is needed, and how the Art in Public Places Program has
operated previously.  Ms. Wilson responded to questions regarding
which option outlined in the draft legislation is the one the office is
currently executing.  Ms. Myers provided input on the nature of current
statutory language.  Discussion ensued regarding the need for the
legislation.  Discussion returned to which option comports with current
practice.  Discussion ensued regarding how Art in Public Places money
is currently being spent.  Ms. Wilson responded to questions regarding
why it takes three years to spend money on an Art in Public Places installation.
 Discussion again returned to which option comports with current practice.
08:50:28 AM  
The committee decided
that more information was needed before deciding whether or not to introduce
the draft legisaltion. Committee members directed CDC staff to engage in
further conversations with OEDIT and JBC staff on the matter and report
back to the committee.