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6920916C7D4E2F388725881D004DA9AB Hearing Summary


Date Apr 7, 2022      
Location SCR 357

Consideration of Property Transaction, Department of Personnel and Administration - Authority to move forward with negotiations granted

08:08:20 AM  
Tobin Follenweider,
Deputy Executive Director for the Department of Personnel and Administration
(DPA), and Cheri Gerou, State Architect, introduced a proposal to construct
an eight-story building on a parking lot adjacent to the Governor's Mansion.
 The committee heard the proposal at its 3/10 and 3/17 meetings.  Mr.
Follenweider provided an overview of the project, and Ms. Gerou provided
additional details on the project.  Ms. Gerou also addressed questions
raised at previous meetings.  Discussion ensued regarding parking
accommodations at the new building, parking for events at the Governor's
Mansion, and use of the money generated by the project.  Danielle
Oliveto, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Governor's Office, provided input
on the latter question.  Discussion followed regarding the terms of
the lease to be entered into with a developer under the proposal.  Discussion
returned to the parking situation associated with the new building and
the Governor's Mansion.  A CDC staff memo on the request is included
as Attachment E. A DPA memo responding to questions committee members had
at the 3/17 meeting is included as Attachment F.  A CDC staff memo
on area median income (AMI) is included as Attachment G.

08:27:27 AM  
Discussion returned to use of the money generated by the new facility, which is to be credited to the Governor's Mansion Maintenance Fund. Discussion ensued regarding upgrades needed at the Governor's Mansion, and the potential for the committee to tour the mansion. Ms. Oliveto responded to questions regarding the scope of events at the mansion. Mr. Follenweider responded to questions regarding construction on another parking lot near the mansion. Ms. Gerou responded to questions regarding the parking garage to be integrated into the project. Discussion followed regarding what happens next with the proposal.

08:44:11 AM
Motion Delay decision on the project until the committee hears back on negotiations with the developer, take tour of the mansion, grant/authorize authority to move forward with negotiations on the project, DPA report back to the committee
Moved Hooton
Moreno Yes
Rich No
Sonnenberg Yes
Valdez D. Yes
Hooton Yes
Story Yes
YES: 5   NO: 1   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS