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Date Aug 24, 2022      
Location HCR 0112

Colorado Water Plan Update - Committee Discussion Only

02:13:01 PM  
The chair informed the committee about its
ability to provide comment on the Water Plan.
02:14:56 PM  

Lauren Ris, Deputy Director, and Russ Sands, Water Supply Planning Section Chief, of the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), introduced themselves and their presentation.

02:16:38 PM  

Ms. Ris spoke about the current state of the Water Plan, which is in the public comment period.  She told the committee about how the CWCB is travelling the state to solicit comments and providing listening sessions on the different topics laid out in the plan.

02:19:31 PM  

Ms. Ris discussed the different ways that the CWCB is working to increase access to the Water Plan, including sending copies to libraries, a podcast, and press releases.

02:22:28 PM  

Mr. Sands told the committee about the stakeholder process that went into creating the plan.  He discussed how the water plan is an opportunity for partnerships and a strategy for how CWCB manages water in Colorado.

02:27:07 PM  
Mr. Sands spoke about the values and goals
in the plan, which include a productive economy, strong environment, and
effective and efficient infrastructure.
02:35:16 PM  

Mr. Sands discussed a graph that shows the gap in water that is needed in Colorado.

02:38:26 PM  

The panelists responded to questions from the committee about funding of the Water Plan.

02:40:49 PM  
The panelists answered a question about how the Water Plan is going to address storage and the costs associated with it.
02:45:58 PM  

The panelists answered a question about how the money allocated in the Water Plan is going to be spent.

02:48:33 PM  
The panelists answered a question about how the state can take action today to solve the problems Colorado is facing.
02:51:22 PM  

The panelists answered a question about how they have worked with other states on water issues.

02:53:34 PM  
Mr. Sands answered
a question about studies that have been done on storage opportunities.
He told the committee that they have not delibrately called on the General
Assembly for a kind of study on storage on purpose.  Ms. Ris said
that the plan only includes items that are within CWCB authority.  

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