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Date Mar 10, 2020      
Location Old State Library

Meet pursuant to Joint Rule 44 in response to the Governor's disaster emergency declaration - Committee Discussion Only

04:35:12 PM  
Speaker Becker called the meeting to order and explained
that the meeting was being called pursuant to Joint Rule 44 of the Senate
and House of Representatives in response to the Governor's disaster emergency
declaration.  She stated that Joint Rule 44 applies if the Governor
has issued an executive order, pursuant to state law, that declares that
Colorado is in a state of disaster emergency caused by a public health
emergency infecting or exposing a great number of people to disease, agents,
toxins, or other such threats, and has activated the Colorado Emergency
Operations Plan.
04:35:13 PM  

Sharon Eubanks, Director of the Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), discussed Joint Rule 44.  She stated that the Governor's Executive Order had been issued verbally, and was not available in written form at this time.  Director Eubanks referenced a memorandum concerning the Governor's constitutional and statutory emergency powers that was prepared by OLLS (Attachment A).

04:38:30 PM  
The committee discussed the Governor's Executive Order and
Joint Rule 44.  A handout prepared by Legislative Council Staff regarding
Joint Rule 44 was distributed to the committee (Attachment B).  Director
Eubanks responded to questions from committee members. Committee discussion
about Joint Rule 44 and the Governor's Executive Order ensued.
04:50:29 PM  
Director Eubanks responded to questions from the committee
about the Colorado Disaster Emergency Act.  The committee discussed
the laws and rules regarding the 120 day legislative session.  Director
Eubanks discussed constitutional provisions and legislative rules regarding
the 120 day legislative session.  She also responded to questions
regarding legislation that needs to passed by a date certain, such as certain
bugetary bills and the rule review bill.
05:01:43 PM  
Carolyn Kampman, Director of the Joint Budget Committee Staff,
answered questions about bills related to appropriations that may be considered
critical.  Director Eubanks answered questions about what would happen
with pending legislation during an extended recess of the General Assembly.
05:03:35 PM  
Natalie Mullis, Director of Legislative Council Staff, answered
questions about legislative staff and related pay.  Director Eubanks
answered questions about legislative procedures related to recessing or
adjourning the General Assembly.  Director Kampman and Director Mullis
answered questions regarding the presentation of the upcoming economic
forecast.  Director Mullis responded to questions from the committee
about formalizing communication with experts related to COVID-19.  Director
Eubanks answered questions about the requirements for public hearings on
05:14:43 PM  
Jacki Cooper Melmed, Chief Legal Counsel of the Office of
the Governor, answered questions from the committee about the Governor's
disaster emergency declaration.
05:18:04 PM  
Director Eubanks answered additional questions about Joint
Rule 44.  The committee discussed the possibility of setting up a
communication process with experts related to the public health emergency,
reviewing Joint Rule 44 to see if the rule should be amended to address
the current situation, and addressing concerns about having public input
in the legislative process.  The committee discussed the OLLS memorandum
that was distributed, and the need for training for the members of the
Executive Committee.  Director Eubanks answered questions about amending
Joint Rule 44.  The committee discussed possible legislation related
to the upcoming political party assemblies.