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Date Dec 16, 2020      
Location HCR 0112

LLS 21-0199: Unif Parentage Act - Consideration tabled indefinitely

11:25:00 AM  

Commissioner Levy noted that the draft being considered is the full uniform law and asked if the commission wanted to consider enacting only parts 7, 8, and 9. Commissioner Tipper shared that Representative Froelich has been working with stakeholders using portions of parts 7, 8 and 9 of the uniform act for a stand-alone bill. Marie Moses, Chair of the CBA Family Law Section, requested that parts 1 to 6 of the Act not move forward because they limit the class of people who are eligible to be considered parents, Colorado law is broader, and more is needed on the language in the bill.

11:29:53 AM  

Representative Meg Froelich confirmed that she is again moving forward with a stand-alone surrogacy bill that incorporates portions of the uniform law act. The bill was well-received last session and was moving through the legislative process until the pandemic hit. Laura Koupal, a fertility law practitioner, confirmed that significant portions of the uniform law were used in the stand-alone bill, especially from part 8; the biggest change made was to treat both types of surrogacy the same. Judith Hoechst, a fertility law practitioner, added that having a stand-alone bill is a good approach for Colorado as it is a world leader in assisted reproduction and this new language will be a great asset. The commission wondered if the bill will still be considered uniform and it was noted that other states have made substantial modifications and were still considered uniform.

11:37:40 AM  

The commission will not move forward with introducing the Act or portions of the Act and supported Representative Froelich moving forward with her surrogacy bill. The commission thanked everyone for their time and comments on the Act.

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