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Date Jul 18, 2023      
Location Old Supreme Court

Colorado Counties - Committee Discussion Only

02:08:47 PM  
Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County Commissioner, introduced Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI) and her fellow county commissioners. She gave an overview of the issues facing Jefferson County as a result of wildfires, the grants that have been provided to address wildfires and how they are being used, and the steps counties are taking to protect their communities from wildfires.

Commissioner Dahlkemper distributed a handout (Attachment A).

02:17:02 PM  
Commissioner Dahlkemper
responded to questions from the committee on the specific strategies Jefferson
County utilizes to mitigate fires and the merits of prescribed burns.
02:28:33 PM  
Marsha Porter-Nelson, La Plata County Commissioner, discussed the increasing risk of wildfires due to climate change and rising temperatures. She explained how the amount of wildfires per year in La Plata has increased in recent years and how the grants provided by the state government have been helpful in combatting them.
02:38:22 PM  
Commissioner Porter-Nelson responded to questions from the committee on prescribed burns.
02:41:56 PM  
Greg Felt, Chaffee
County Commissioner, discussed the unique issues wildfires cause for rural
counties like his face and the benefits of using sales tax to fund wildfire
mitigation efforts.
02:52:05 PM  
Commissioner Felt responded to questions from the committee on the revenue Chaffee County has received from their sales tax and what the state's priorities should be in assisting counties with their fire mitigation efforts.
02:55:24 PM  
Jake Niece, Ouray County Commissioner, discussed how important wildfire mitigation is to counties that are almost entirely wild land, like Ouray. He discussed the projects Ouray has undertaken to reduce the risks of wildfires.
03:03:25 PM  
Commissioner Niece responded to questions from the committee on how difficult it is to get home insurance in wildfire-prone areas.
03:04:44 PM  
Alexis Kimbrough,
Director of Emergency Management, and Brad White, Fire Chief of Grand County
Fire Protection, discussed the prevalence of wildfires in Grand County,
the issues they have cause for their residents, and how helpful state grants
are for developing fire mitigation strategies.
03:16:55 PM  
Dan Williams, Teller
County Commissioner, discussed the issues with wildfires that his county
has had as a result of the many tourists who camp and start fires there.
03:26:35 PM  
Commissioner Williams responded to questions from the committee on the merits of a formalized agreement with military bases that would entail them assisting local governments during wildfires.
03:28:56 PM  
Jody Shadduck-McNally,
Larimer County Commissioner, discussed the wildfire protection plan that
her county has been developing and the benefits of creating partnerships
with other counties and organizations.

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