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Date Dec 13, 2018      
Location SCR 357

Metropolitan State University of Denver - Committee Discussion Only

09:37:17 AM  

Dr. Janine Davidson, president, Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU), followed up on Wednesday's presentation on the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) Replace Heating and Hot Water System project by AHEC personnel.  She stressed the importance of funding the project.  Dr. Davidson responded to questions regarding cash contributions toward the AHEC projects by the campus' constituent higher education institutions.  Dr. Davidson responded to further questions regarding the potential for phasing the project, and the ability of the AHEC institutions to pool resources to assist in funding the project.  Dr. Tina Wells, Director of Facilities for MSU, provided input on the project's phasing, and the potential cost savings from the project's construction.  Discussion ensued regarding infrastructure replacement funding by utility providers.  Ms. Melanie Layton, contract lobbyist for the AHEC campus, provided input on this issue.

09:54:10 AM  

Discussion returned to the potential for pooling cash resources by the AHEC constituent organizations for the Replace Heating and Hot Water System project.  Ms. Wells responded to questions regarding the potential for using more efficient systems for the campus heating.  Committee members received a draft scoring of the AHEC project, prepared by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (Attachment A).  Dr. Davidson responded to questions about the project's scoring, and the reason that this project has not been previously requested.  Ms. Wells provided input on the latter issue.

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