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At the request of the Committee on Legal Services, the Office of Legislative Legal Services has a written policy on the notification of affected state agencies and the public that a rule issue will be on the agenda of the Committee on Legal Services as a result of the review of rules by the staff pursuant to section 24-4-103, C.R.S. The policy is as follows:

Legislative Council Staff issue briefs provide a brief overview of issues addressed by the General Assembly and other policy issues of general interest.  Selecting one of the subject matter descriptions below will provide links to recent issue briefs published in that policy area.

The print shop prints engrossed and reengrossed copies of bills and final copies of acts adopted by the General Assembly. The print shop also prints reports for legislative service agencies.

The Joint Legislative Library provides nonpartisan library services and resources to members of the General Assembly and their staffs, the other legislative service agencies, other government agencies, and members of the public.


Print Collection

The library has a variety of print and legislative resources available for use during library hours.  Some of these include historical and current versions of the Colorado Revised Statutes, the Colorado Session Laws, House and Senate Journals, directories, and reference materials.

The Legislative Council Accounting Staff provide centralized accounting services for the legislative branch service agencies and compensation and benefit services for members of the General Assembly.

Information Technology Staff provide information and technology services and support to all legislators and legislative staff and support and maintain the General Assembly's computers, printers, networking equipment, servers, storage systems, and wireless network.  Staff also manage services pertaining to a centralized file storage system, website support, and the development and maintenance of various custom software applications used by legislative staff and legislators.

The IT staff is organized under the following teams:

Economics Staff prepare General Fund and cash fund revenue forecasts and other forecasts used in the state budgeting process.

The State Auditor and three Deputy State Auditors compose the OSA’s executive management team, known as CSALT (Colorado State Auditor Leadership Team). CSALT is responsible for providing strategic and operational direction for the OSA's performance, financial, and IT auditing activities, including maintaining accountability for all in-house and contract audits, staffing assignments, matters of OSA policy, legislative and agency concerns, personnel issues, and organization-wide initiatives.



Report Type

Expected Release Date**

Agriculture Colorado State Fair Authority, FYE 6/30/2023 Financial January 2024

Research & Committee Analysts prepare research requested by members of the General Assembly and provide staff support to standing and interim committees.  Additional duties include researching and preparing written documents on topics of interest to state legislators, including researching and writing portions of the "Blue Book" voter guide on statewide election issues.

The purpose of the OSA's Fraud Hotline is to receive reports about occupational fraud, a situation in which a state employee or contracted individual (i.e., individual acting under a contract, purchase order, or other similar agreement for the procurement of goods and services with a state agency) may be using their position or access as an employee or contractor to commit fraud against the State or others.

2019 Strategic Plan


2018 Peer Review


2019 Annual Report


In most states, the executive branch initiates the main appropriation bill for the ongoing operations of state government. Colorado, however, has a strong legislative budget process. The General Assembly's permanent fiscal and budget review agency, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC), sponsors the annual appropriations bill (called the "Long Bill") for the operations of state government.

In preparing the budget for the state each year, the General Assembly receives recommendations from its permanent fiscal and budget review agency, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC). The JBC is charged with studying the management, operations, programs, and fiscal needs of the agencies and institutions of Colorado state government. Throughout the year, the JBC holds a number of meetings and considers a range of documents to help prepare the budget recommendations for the General Assembly.

In accordance with Section 2-3-103(2), C.R.S., we publish an annual report that provides an overview of the OSA's activities during the preceding 12 months, as well as information about the OSA's role and mission, the Legislative Audit Committee, and our staff.

In accordance with Government Auditing Standards, the OSA undergoes an external peer review every 3 years. The review is conducted by a team of experienced auditors from other state audit organizations and the federal government coordinated by the National State Auditors Association. The purpose of the peer review is to determine if the OSA's system of quality control has been suitably designed and complied with to provide reasonable assurance of conformance with applicable professional standards.


Email addresses for the Colorado legislature have changed from the domain to the domain on December 1, 2022. Details
The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause (unless otherwise specified) is August 7, 2023. Details
The 2023 Ballot Information Booklet (Blue Book) is now available. Details