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Session Laws

Immediately after the adjournment of each session, the Office of Legislative Legal Services indexes and publishes all the bills and concurrent resolutions passed at that session together with those resolutions and memorials designated for printing by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Red Book | Session Laws Prior to 2016

Session Laws from the

Bill # Bill Topic Effective Date Page # Chapter # Chapter Text
HB18-1338 Reduced Revenue Severance Tax Operational Fund Transfers 05/04/2018 1308 201 PDF
SB18-076 Ban Vote Trading 09/01/2018 1315 202 PDF
SB18-178 Similar Coverage Independent Commercial Vehicles 08/08/2018 1317 203 PDF
SB18-207 DHS Department Of Human Services Indirect Cost Assessments From Cash Funds 05/04/2018 1319 204 PDF
HB18-1265 Sunset Continue Stroke Advisory Board 09/01/2018 1321 205 PDF
SB18-143 Parks And Wildlife Measures To Increase Revenue 08/08/2018 1326 207 PDF
HB18-1235 Sunset Custom Meat Processing 07/01/2018 1339 208 PDF
HB18-1240 Sunset Auto Theft Prevention Authority And Board 08/08/2018 1341 209 PDF
HB18-1305 Income Tax Check-off Young Americans Financial Education 08/08/2018 1343 210 PDF
HB18-1307 Limit Access To Products With Dextromethorphan 08/08/2018 1346 211 PDF
HB18-1253 Rule Review Bill 05/11/2018 1348 212 PDF
HB18-1280 Court Appointees For Marijuana Businesses 05/15/2018 1356 213 PDF