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Session Laws

Immediately after the adjournment of each session, the Office of Legislative Legal Services indexes and publishes all the bills and concurrent resolutions passed at that session together with those resolutions and memorials designated for printing by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Red Book | Session Laws Prior to 2016

Session Laws from the

Bill # Bill Topic Effective Date Page # Chapter # Chapter Text
HB17-1073 Enactment of CRS 2016 03/01/2017 1 1 PDF
HB17-1018 Extend Voter Approval Window For RTA Regional Transportation Authority Mill Levy 08/09/2017 3 2 PDF
SB17-018 Statutory Revision Committee Senate Bill 16-146 Fix 08/09/2017 5 3 PDF
SB17-044 Reporting Requirements By DORA To General Assembly 08/09/2017 6 4 PDF
SB17-052 Statutory Revision Committee Colorado Department of Education Title 22 Corrections 08/09/2017 9 5 PDF
HB17-1060 Reporting Requirements By Health Care Policy & Financing To General Assembly 03/01/2017 14 6 PDF
HB17-1024 Nonsubstantive Relocation Commission On Family Medicine 08/09/2017 19 7 PDF
HB17-1005 Modernize Laws Relating To Office Of State Auditor 08/09/2017 23 8 PDF
SB17-173 School Finance Mid-year Adjustments 03/01/2017 26 9 PDF
SB17-174 Allocation Of Money For National Guard Tuition 03/01/2017 32 10 PDF
SB17-175 Transfers Between State Self-insurance Funds 03/01/2017 34 11 PDF
SB17-176 Motor Vehicle License Plate Appropriation 03/01/2017 36 12 PDF
HB17-1010 Dental Practice Act And Dental Hygiene 08/09/2017 38 13 PDF
SB17-013 Fire and Police Pension Association Multi-employer Deferred Compensation Plan Document 08/09/2017 41 14 PDF
HB17-1017 County Surveyor Duties 08/09/2017 43 15 PDF
HB17-1030 Update 1921 Irrigation District Law 08/09/2017 46 16 PDF
HB17-1019 Property Tax Redemption Third Party Costs 03/08/2017 56 17 PDF
HB17-1058 Reporting Requirements By Department Of Personnel And Administration To General Assembly 03/08/2017 57 18 PDF
HB17-1067 Update National Standards Citations Accessible Housing 08/09/2017 62 19 PDF
HB17-1016 Exclude Value Mineral Resources Tax Increment Financing Division 08/09/2017 65 20 PDF
HB17-1025 Repeal Obsolete State Legislative District Laws 08/09/2017 67 21 PDF
HB17-1074 Repeal Obsolete Law Colorado Congressional Districts 08/09/2017 68 22 PDF
SB17-020 Fire and Police Pension Association Statewide Plan Election Approval Standard 03/08/2017 69 23 PDF
SB17-058 Employee Agent Purchase of Alcohol Beverages 08/09/2017 73 24 PDF
HB17-1020 Staffing Task Force Mental Illness Justice Systems 08/09/2017 75 25 PDF


Pursuant to HJR20-1007, the Second Regular Session of the 72nd General Assembly is Temporarily Adjourned until 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 30, 2020. 

COVID-19 Resources

Temporary Guidelines for Review and Comment Meetings

The legislature will meet in limited session on Monday, March 30th. The Capitol will be open for the duration of the session for those with essential business related to the session. The building will not be available for public tours. People without essential business are encouraged to access the session through the General Assembly website and Colorado Channel.  Anybody with essential business related to the session will be required to practice appropriate social distancing measures.