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S_AGR_2022A 01/18/2022 02:25:59 PM Committee Summary

Date 01/18/2022
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Time 02:25:59 PM to 06:24:09 PM
Place Old Supreme Court
This Meeting was called to order by McCormick
This Report was prepared by Julia Jackson
Hearing Items Action Taken
SMART Act Presentation from the Department of Agriculture Committee Discussion Only
SMART Act Presentation from the Department of Natural Resources Committee Discussion Only

SMART Act Presentation from the Department of Agriculture - Committee Discussion Only

02:27:46 PM  
Commissioner Kate Greenberg, Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), began CDA's presentation. A copy of the presentation slides is available as Attachment A. She discussed the department's mission and vision and talked about drought conditions in Colorado.
02:40:22 PM  

Commissioner Greenberg presented on stimulus funds received by the department.  A report on agriculture events stimulus funding under House Bill 21-1262 is available as Attachment B.

02:42:46 PM  
Brian Coppom, CDA, presented on the Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program. He discussed starting up the program and the application process. Mr. Coppom responded to committee member questions about the terms of the loans under the program, eligibility for and promotion of the loans, and how the department will present data on loan recipients.
03:00:23 PM  
Committee discussion with Mr. Coppom continued.
03:05:32 PM  

Les Owen, Conservation Services Division Director, CDA, presented on his division's programs. He discussed stimulus funding for agriculture efficiency programs, including the projects already in progress. A report on these programs under Senate Bill 21-235 is available as Attachment C. Mr. Owen responded to questions about how the department ramped up the program quickly and about the locations of the solar projects.

03:18:37 PM  
Mr. Owen presented on the Agriculture Drought Resiliency Fund. He discussed distributions of the funds so far and the benefits of the various projects. He responded to committee member questions, including about the geographic distribution of awarded funds.
03:31:15 PM  
Danielle Trotta, Colorado Proud Program Manager, CDA, presented on Colorado Proud's use of 2021 stimulus funds. She discussed marketing and technical assistance provided under the program. She responded to committee member questions about Colorado Proud participation in the National Western Stock Show.
03:43:12 PM  

Commissioner Greenberg presented on the department's wildly important goals and its performance plan (Attachment D). She also presented the department's Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget request. She responded to committee member questions about items in CDA's budget request. Commissioner Greenberg responded to a question about the Milk Marketing Board. She concluded with information about CDA's regulatory agenda (Attachment E) and legislative agenda for 2022.

04:11:52 PM  

The chair opened the floor for public testimony in response to CDA.

Alan Lewis, representing Natural Grocers, testified. He discussed the Milk Marketing Board and milk pricing in Colorado. He responded to questions from the committee.

04:19:52 PM  
The committee recessed.

SMART Act Presentation from the Department of Natural Resources - Committee Discussion Only

04:29:47 PM  
The committee came back to order.
04:30:00 PM  

Dan Gibbs, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Alice Cosgrove, Legislative Liaison, (DNR), presented regarding the Department of Natural Resources.  A copy of their presentation is available as Attachment F. Director Gibbs described DNR's mission, vision, and organizational structure. He discussed DNR's budget and funding sources and staffing.

04:35:38 PM  
Director Gibbs discussed wildly important goals for DNR, including sustainable funding for parks and wildlife, balancing outdoor recreation and conservation, wildfire risk reduction, and equity, diversity, and inclusion. He discussed comprehensive water planning and stimulus funding implementation.
04:46:57 PM  
Director Gibbs detailed the department's FY 2022-23 budget request and its 2022 legislative agenda. He responded to committee member questions about the budget requests.
04:53:55 PM  
Dan Prezlow, Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, DNR, presented on outdoor recreation in Colorado. He discussed the Future Generations Act report and goals. Mr. Prezlow continued to discuss capital construction projects from the division and General Fund support for department programs.
05:05:09 PM  
Mr. Prenzlow and Director Gibbs responded to questions from the committee about implementing the Keep Colorado Wild pass and the division's outreach programs. Mr. Prenzlow answered questions about wolf reintroduction and conflicts with ranchers.
05:14:22 PM  
Doug Vilsack, Assistant
Director for Parks, Wildlife, and Lands, DNR, presented on the department's
Backcountry Search and Rescue Study.

05:18:33 PM  
Heather Dugan, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Assistant Director for Field Services, DNR, discussed the specific recommendations in the Backcountry Search and Rescue Study. Director Gibbs and Ms. Dugan responded to a question about firefighting equipment costs.
05:30:09 PM  

Becky Mitchell, Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), presented on the 2022 Colorado Water Plan. Ms. Mitchell continued to present on CWCB legislative priorities and state stimulus funding. She responded to questions about water rights and conservation easements, and about water education.

05:46:58 PM  
Ms. Mitchell and Director Gibbs continued to respond to committee member questions. They discussed DNR's efforts to secure federal recovery funds and its preparations to negotiate over the Colorado River. Ms. Mitchell answered a question about equity in water resources.
06:00:17 PM  
Kevin Rein, State Engineer and the Director of the Division of Water Resources, DNR, presented on his division and its mission. He discussed the division's budget request and outlook. Mr. Rein responded to committee member questions about the South Platte River Compact.
06:16:14 PM  
Bill Ryan, Director of the State Land Board, presented on the board's mission and its priority goals.
06:18:31 PM  

Ginny Brannon, Director of the Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety, discussed her division's work. She presented on the division's role in monitoring active and inactive mines in the state.

06:18:32 PM  
There was no public testimony for DNR's presentation.

06:24:09 PM   The committee adjourned.

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