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j_cdc_2018a_2018-01-09t08:07:57z1 Hearing Summary


Date Jan 9, 2018      
Location SCR 357

Public Testimony about Grand Junction Regional Center (REMOTE TESTIMONY) - Committee Discussion Only

09:09:28 AM  

The committee returned to order. Several persons testified regarding the DHS Grand Junction Regional Center Relocation and Closure proposal. Ms. Glenda Bennett, representing herself, made some remarks about the transition proposal.

09:17:05 AM  
Ms. Laura Litsheim, representing herself, explained the potential dangers of housing residents in the 29 Road property, and spoke in support of creating a cluster home arrangement.
09:20:07 AM  

Dr. William Hilty, representing St. Mary's Hospital, discussed the conditions under which the types of residents living at the Grand Junction Regional Center are able to better prosper, and ways to lessen the impacts on these residents as DHS transitions away from the center. He discussed the merits of maintaining a regional center on the Western Slope, as well as creating a cluster home for the residents.

09:25:20 AM  
Mr. Robert Pena, representing himself, discussed his sister, a long-time resident of the regional center, and expressed support for creating a cluster group home.
09:30:32 AM  
Ms. Kathy Capps, representing Mind Springs Health, discussed the impacts of closing the regional center on her organization.
09:32:41 AM  

Mr. Tim Hudner, representing himself, explained that it is time to move forward with the transition from the regional center. He also spoke against using the 29 Road property, and discussed the merits of one type of residential home arrangement. Mr. Hudner discussed the day programming that will be available to the residents under the transition proposal. Mr. Hudner responded to questions regarding the staffing arrangement for the regional center.

09:38:45 AM  

Ms. Nanci Limbach, representing herself, expressed support for earlier testimony, and discussed her son, who is a resident at the regional center.

09:43:00 AM  

Ms. Lynne Parker Crooks, representing herself, discussed the options available to her for accessing care for her son, and options considered for the state's regional centers going forward. She described the services provided at a regional center, and supported continued care in Grand Junction. Ms. Crooks responded to questions regarding her preferred option for transitioning away from the Grand Junction Regional Center.

09:49:43 AM  
Ms. Mary Vigil, representing herself, expressed concerns about the impacts of transitioning the residents of the regional center away from the campus, and the impact of the Grand Junction transition on other regional centers.
09:51:44 AM  

Ms. Gini Springmeyer, representing herself, spoke to the merits of the Grand Junction Regional Center, and offered her preference for the group home plans. She also discussed the 29 Road property, and day programming after the services relocation. Ms. Springmeyer responded to questions regarding the bed capacity under her preferred group home configuration.

09:59:29 AM  

Mr. Norbert Necker, representing himself, recommended that the relocation proposal made by DHS be funded, and discussed trends in need for intermediate care beds.

10:04:19 AM  

Ms. Gayle Berry, representing Strive and several other service providers, outlined a memorandum concerning services available to special need individuals on the Western Slope. Committee members received copies of the memorandum (Attachment C). Ms. Berry responded to questions regarding the ability of contract facilities to accommodate the residents to be displaced by the Grand Junction Regional Center closure.

10:12:28 AM  
Mr. Mike Thoma, representing himself, discussed the behavior of his daughter, which led to her being placed at the regional center, and expressed concerns about the safety of the residents under the closure and relocation proposal.
10:18:21 AM  
Mr. David Pyle, representing himself, discussed his family, a member of which resides at the Grand Junction Regional Center, and expressed support for creating a clustered arrangement for group homes after the closure of the center. Mr. Pyle responded to questions regarding the merits of the various options available for housing the residents of the regional center.