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j_cbac_2018a_2018-02-16t13:36:27z5 Hearing Summary


Date Feb 16, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

Staff Updates - Relocate David Rice Plaque.

02:30:10 PM  

Mr. Pechota presented the committee's annual report [Attachment D].

02:32:16 PM  
Mr. Pechota presented an 1894 certificate of election received by staff. He requested permission to pursue restoring and framing the artifact. Committee members discussed this artifact with Mr. Pechota, including proper recognition of the donor.
02:37:23 PM  
Julia Jackson, Legislative Council Staff, commented on the Capitol cafeteria.
02:39:05 PM  

Marilyn Eddins, Chief Clerk of the House, noted that she has removed a plaque to David Rice of the Colorado Cattlemen's Association from the west wall of the second floor of the Capitol, and she requested to locate it outside the House Lobby. Mr. Pechota noted that another plaque from the Cattlemen's Association is currently located on the rose onyx in the rotunda stairwell.

02:42:26 PM
Motion Locate Rice plaque south of the south entrance to the House lobby.
Moved Frank McNulty
Aly Jabrocki Excused
David Halaas Yes
Effie Ameen Excused
Gary Petri Yes
Georgianna Contiguglia Yes
Grantham Yes
Kurt Morrison Yes
Lontine Yes
Marilyn Eddins Yes
Rick Lee Excused
Steve Turner Excused
Frank McNulty Yes
YES: 8   NO: 0   EXC: 4   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS
02:42:27 PM  

Ms. Eddins showed the committee a watchman's clock she found in the House chambers.

02:44:25 PM  
Mr. Pechota updated the committee on the timeline for determining a final location for the Sand Creek Memorial.
02:46:33 PM  
Representative Lontine and Mr. Morrison discussed Scout, the horse sculpture in the Governor's office.