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i_sfinance_2017a_2018-01-09t10:00:18z0 Hearing Summary

Date: 01/09/2018

Location: LSB B


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10:08 AM -- Opening Remarks from Chairs and Committee

The committee's vendor, Four Point Education Strategies, made opening remarks to frame the discussion. The vendor asked the committee to consider how to think about systemic approaches to meeting the state's aspiration for school performance.

10:17 AM

The committee's vendor provided an overview of capital construction issues in public education, including a description of the Building Excellent Schools Today ( the BEST program).

10:34 AM-

The committee's vendor provided an overview of school district organization, consolidation, and de-consolidation under current Colorado law.

10:57 AM- Workgroup Conversation

The committee discussed subgroup and working group activity during the 2018 session. Broadly, the committee discussed 4 proposed groups: Revenue, Student Need, School and District Need, Performance and Accountability. The vendor suggested that work groups meet at least once each month during the session. The chair reminded members to complete the survey sent out by the vendors. Both the committee chairs and the vendor will take results of survey to map out the upcoming activity of work groups and to provide a way for the committee to continue to engage during the 2018 legislative session. The vendor clarified that performance and accountability workgroups would also focus on examining actual K12 expenditures, which is a priority for Representative Leonard as part of the discussion. The committee members dialogued concerning the workgroup titles and subject matter focus.

The conversations and research of the workgroups will lead to the design phase for a new system.

11:12 AM


11:31 AM

The committee re-convened for public testimony. The committee worked through lunch. Members engaged public speakers in conversation, questions, and answers.